Frequently Asked Questions

You must save the answer to every question before moving to the next question. If you do not click on “SAVE ANSWER’ then the answer is not recorded even if you chose an answer. Your test will show as incomplete.

You will see your certificate immediately after you finish the course. If you need to reprint a previously completed course certificate you can go to your profile and your certificates are there for you printing needs.

No, although becoming a member is the most economical plan, you can purchase individual CE courses if that is your choice.

You need to go back to the course and finish the “Course Evaluation” and mark the unit as done. After that click on “Finish Course” to receive your Certificate.

You must complete each section (click on “MARK UNIT AS COMPLETE”) as you move through the course. Sections are the course content, quiz and course evaluation. When you have completed the course, including the post course evaluation then you can click on course complete and it will show as completed on your dashboard.

You can click on the “contact us” tab and send a message or email [email protected] and someone will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Yes, you must register to the website in order to access the courses. Register by clicking “Sign Up” in the top menu.